Garage Ventilation System


1. EXPEL dirty, contaminated air from garage – reducing natural absorption into the house

2. REPLENISH polluted garage air with fresh outdoor air, diluting airborne contaminants

3. VENTILATE the garage, creating air exchange in accordance with the US EPA guidelines​

Don't Forget Installation

Complete your ventilation system purchase with our full-service at-home installation add-on. We provide ventilation installation services to the state of Ohio.

Garage Ventilation Systems

Garage contaminants can be dangerous, including:

"We were amaze at how smoothly the entire process went. We called with a reminder the day before the installation. Remove pictures from the wall that were near the windows upon recommendation from our initial contact. The installer worked quietly. Everything was clean up, removed and the washing machine/dryer put back in place. The windows look great, and don't know why we waited so long. I would highly recommend Glass Block Headquarters (GBH)."

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