Crawlspace ventilation systems make the home a healthy place to breathe

The E·Z Breathe is a whole-home and crawlspace ventilation systems. Therefore, most homes have a closed-loop system that recirculates the same air throughout the house repeatedly. This causes a build-up of contaminants, which can cause asthma & allergies, mold, smells & odors, and moisture that at certain levels become hazardous to the occupants of the home. However, E·Z Breathe creates an exchange of stale air for fresh air; thereby creating a healthy atmosphere.

System Cost: $2100

Flat-Fee Installation: $699

Engineered for homes up to 7000 sq ft.

Energy efficient

Zero maintenance. No filters to change or buckets to empty.

10-year system warranty

There are multiple steps involved in removing toxic, unhealthy air from your home via your crawlspace:

  1. E.Z Breathe Ventilation Crawlspace Conditioner exhausts damp contaminated air from the crawlspace.
  2. The fan pushes conditioned air (from upstairs) into the crawlspace to help combat the natural stack effect and its consequences. This will also assist in the conditioning and ventilation process.
  3. Intake fans plug into the base of EZ Breathe system. Therefore, both machines work together and control and monitored by the humidistat.

From quote to installation, they were great! They showed up early, which was awesome! Therefore, we have an older home and our one window was in really bad shape. He literally ripped it out with little effort. Made us really realize how great glass block windows are for the safety of our home, plus they look great! He kept us informed on everything that needed to do step by step. Therefore, he even went around to our other glass block windows and patched all the cracks! He took us around to go over everything and we were very pleased. He's very good at his craft. However, we would definitely recommend GBH if you want it done right!

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