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We treat people well and do things the way they should be done. We are veteran-owned.

Why Fresh Air?

Our first business installs energy-efficient windows, making homes air-tight. This is important, but it brings a side effect: there is no more natural inside/outside air exchange to expel pollutants.

Over the last 2 decades, breathing-related health conditions in America have skyrocketed. Allergies, asthma, chronic headaches, congestion, bronchitis, and more.

6 out of 10 homes in Ohio currently have sick home syndrome. When we researched what the CDC, EPA, NIH, and AAFA had to say about the problem and talked to our local EPA office about the indoor air quality crisis in our community, we wanted to do something about it. Americans are suffering from health problems that can be alleviated or prevented with a straightforward, reliable solution.

That's why we give home air health tests for free to anyone who wants one. We want to make your home a healthy place to breathe.

About Our Systems:

About us, Our systems are manufactured by EZ Breathe, who has built a track record around superior engineering and quality over 2 decades. We are proud to partner with the industry leader to bring the best home air health solution to our customers.


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